Thursday, April 16, 2009


I think I need to start working on some of my bad traits. I find that writing things down makes them easier to acheive (I'm a list should see my grocery list!). So the first thing I'm going to work on is Patience.

I find myself losing patience very quickly especially with Hannah. This morning I've yelled at her and sent her to her room for not getting dressed when I told her to. I think my view of time is so different from hers. She doesn't realize how long its taking and I really should give her more time. Yelling (me) and crying (her) are not a good way to start our morning. And really, I make them wait to get ready while I take my long shower in the morning. It's more my fault we're late!

So I'm going to work on being more patient (and along with that, not losing my temper over nothing!) especially with the girls.

How do you all learn more patience?


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Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I am dealing with the exact same thing right now, Steph. I'm so stressed out, and have been losing my patience over the smallest things, and yelling at my kids. I hate that I'm acting like that, but it feels like I have no control over my feelings. I wasn't like this until all the bad stuff started happening the past few months. It's almost like it's too much for me to handle. I was just thinking this morning about how I need to stop yelling. I yelled at Dylan this morning, and it was so loud, that the look on his face was pure shock. So, as of that moment, I decided that when I feel like I'm going to start to lose my cool and yell, I'm going to walk away, take a few deep breaths, and count to 20, before coming back in to deal with the issue. Good luck to you. Maybe we can keep each other motivated!