Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Updates On Us!

We have so much going on right now...it's a bit crazy!! (Ok ALOT crazy!)

First of all, WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! WOOHOO! :) We finally got the courage to just try and apply for a home loan last month. And to our surprise, we were approved! So we called the KBHomes community we had been wanting to buy a new home in...and they were sold out! Ugh! All of the other communities were out of our price range and so we decided we'd have to start thinking about getting an older home (we really wanted new because we won't have the time/money after we close to fix one up). Then DH went by a KB community we didn't want to even look at after seeing them online. They were detached condos that were 2 story. (We wanted one story.) Long story short, he LOVED them! I went after work and fell for them to! We put a deposit down, picked our options and they started building within 2 weeks. We're excited and nervous to own our first home! The house will be finished in October and we plan to move early November! :) Pics of the build later!

And now for the kids!

Hannah is in a bit of a funk lately. I'm not sure what it is but she's is whinging CONSTANTLY! She starts PreK in 2 weeks and we're hoping that will help! And yes...my little girl is starting school! I can't believe how fast time has gone. It's actually pretty sad that she'll be in school now until she's and adult...no more staying home with Mommy (even though it's only one day a week now that I work FT...). I know she's going to love school though and it'll be great for her to have a routine 5 days a week with the same friends!

Avery will be 2 in a little over a month! I don't have anymore babies! :( She's doing well...terrible twos aren't horrible yet (though I'm sure we'll see more soon! LoL). She's talking so much more and even stringing words together in sentences. We were worried about her lack of speech at 18 months...not anymore! Yay for Avery-baby! She'll be starting school with Hannah also (in the 2 year old class) so I'm sure she'll pick up even more language around all those other kids.

And I've started school again. Working FT and going to school, moving, possibly getting pregnant again, holidays, kids' school stuff...we're in for a BUSY Fall! But I am so EXCITED for FALL!!! :)

Look for a Picture Update SOON! :)


A Month Ago...

A month ago today, I miscarried our 3rd baby at 6 weeks 2 days. It was really early and it wasn't painful really (physically). We'd been TTC for 4 months so it was really devestating. My OB gave us the all clear to start TTC again right away. We've still been trying so now it's just up to God to decide when He wants to bless us with another healthy pregnancy. But for now, I pray every day for my AngelBaby and I'm sure God has a little Angel flitting around him. :) Never Forgotten, Forever Missed!


Monday, August 24, 2009

Menu Plan Monday~ 8/24/09

So I got to work this morning, and opened my day planner to mark off the days that had passed and realized I start school tonight! Ahh!! I completely forgot and am so not prepared. I normally have my bag packed the night before so I can just grab it and go after dinner. (Class is from 7-10pm) So I'm just doing a quick post and then have to shower and make dinner before DH gets home. Hopefully I can get to class early and buy my last book.

Anyone else SUPER excited that Fall is just around the corner? I decided I'm going pack away all of my regular decor for the move and pull out my Fall stuff in 2 weeks when the girls start school. That's not too early right? :) I figure I can just pack it all back up right before we move since that's what the decor will be in November anyway.

And I can't wait to start baking! Pumpkin bread anyone?

Monday 8/24: Chicken Stroganoff and Rolls (didn't make last week)

Tuesday 8/25: Chicken Potpie

Wednesday 8/26: Homemade Pizza

Thursday 8/27: Shake n Bake Chicken, Noodles, Green Beans

Friday 8/28: Chicken Taquitos, Chips and Guacamole

Saturday 8/29: Takeout? Need to go to Costco for more meat!

Sunday 8/30: Working a double shift so DH is on his own with the kiddos!

Have a great week all! Check out OrgJunkie for more weekly menus!


Monday, August 17, 2009

Menu Plan Monday~ 8/17/09

So I haven't posted as much as I thought I would but a 6 day stretch at work will do that to ya! At least I'm keeping up with MPM!

Sunday 8/16- Shrimp Chowmein
Monday 8/17- Eggs, Bacon, Biscuits & Gravy
Tuesday 8/18- Homemade Turkey Chili, Cornbread Muffins
Wednesday 8/19- Baked Potatoes with Leftover Chili, Cheese, Broccoli & Sour Cream
Thursday 8/20- Chicken Strognoff over Wheat Egg Noodles, Corn
Friday 8/21- San Diego!!!! Hopefully something cheap!
Saturday 8/22- At SeaWorld!!!
Sunday 8/23- Something on the way home from San Diego!

Have a great week everyone!

Head over to Org Junkie for more menu!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Menu Plan Monday~ 8/10/09

A day late but it's here! I've still been menu planning since I last posted I just haven't been blogging it. I'm actually doing a 2 week plan now which is working pretty well! I only shop once every 2 weeks with a quick stop in between if needed for milk etc. And for 2 weeks, I'm spending less than $80 on average! I'm not sure if I'm going to post to MPM weekly or every other week. Maybe I'll post the 2 weeks and if there are any changes to the 2nd week (which there usually are), I'll post that week as well. For today, I'll just post the end of this plan since my new one starts this weekend. :)

Monday 8/10- Nachos (Cheese, Black Beans, Turkey Taco Meat)

Tuesday 8/11- Steak, Shrimp, Grilled Corn, Grilled Potatoes and Onions

Wednesday 8/12- Burritos

Thursday 8/13- Subway (picnic at Thursday Night on the Square)

Friday 8/14- Cheese Ravioli, French Rolls, Green Beans


Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm Back!

Things have been so crazy the past few months and I've fallen off the blog bandwagon! Now I'm back and have a lot to post about. Coming later today: Update on the girls (with pics!), Our NEW HOUSE, and Menu Plan Monday!

Anyone have any favorite Daily MEMEs to keep me posting?