Monday, June 30, 2008

Menu Plan Monday~ June 30th!

A little late but it's here! :) Hopefully I can stick to the breakfasts/lunches this time. Have a great 4th of July everyone!


Tuesday 7/1- Work- Waffle, Carnation Instant Breakfast
Wednesday 7/2- Scrambled eggs with ham and cheese, toast
Thursday 7/3- Whole wheat pancakes (need to find a good recipe), fruit
Friday 7/4- Work- Egg white sandwich, orange juice
Saturday 7/5- Eggs, turkey bacon, biscuits/gravy
Sunday 7/6- Whatever sounds good!
Monday 7/7- Work- Egg white burrito
Tuesday 7/8- Work- Waffle, Carnation instant breakfast


Tuesday 7/1- Work- Potato soup, cornbread, watermelon
Wednesday 7/2- ?? I have a job interview at 11!
Thursday 7/3- Something while we’re out at a well child visit.
Friday 7/4- Work- Tuna sandwich, carrots/dip, FF pudding
Saturday 7/5- Leftovers
Sunday 7/6- ???
Monday 7/7- Work- Tuna sandwich, carrots/dip, fruit
Tuesday 7/8- Work- Leftovers


Tuesday 7/1- Filet Mignon, corn on the cob, baked potatoes
Wednesday 7/2- Bubbleup Enchiladas (didn’t make last week)
Thursday 7/3- Leftover
Friday 7/4- BBQ chicken, ribs, corn on the cob, homemade chips
Saturday 7/5- Out to Dinner
Sunday 7/6- Homemade pizza
Monday 7/7- Ham, stuffing, broccoli
Tuesday 7/8- Hot dogs, corn on the cob, oven fries (need a good recipe!)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Is There An End In Sight?

Jason and I have been struggling since I lost my job to years ago. (Right after we got married.) Money has been a constant source of stress on us and it seems like it's never going to end. WE keep getting hit with more and more expenses and we just can't pay it all! Lately it's just gotten worse. With the gas prices (it costs $60 to fill each car and we both have to fill up every 2 work days.), Jason being a newly diagnosed diabetic ($125 a month in meds) and the estimate for his periodontic work (gum disease from the diabetes) at $5000, we just feel like we're drowning! And on top of all that, yesterday our Jetta got a flat tire. Ugh!

I keep telling myself that God is just testing our strength. I'm trying to stay positive that things WILL start looking up at some point. We're both looking for new jobs (my current PT gig is actually COSTING us $200 a month after you factor in gas and child care) and hopefully we'll get some calls soon. Hopefully God will be done testing us soon!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Menu Plan Monday- June 23rd!

Last week wasn't the most successful planning week. We pretty much stuck to the dinners but kept moving them around. We also went out one night while my sister had a sleepover with our oldest. Much easier to take just the baby out! Anyway, I spent a bit more time planning breakfasts and lunches for this week because I ended up not really sticking to those this week.

I'm also trying some new recipes this week. Hopefully they turn out ok!


Monday 6/23- Work- Bagelful, Carnation Instant Breakfast
Tuesday 6/24- Work- Waffle, Carnation Instant Breakfast
Wednesday 6/25- Scrambled eggs with ham and cheese, apple slices
Thursday 6/26- Breakfast Cookies (New recipe)
Friday 6/27- Over easy eggs, toast, turkey sausage
Saturday 6/28- Work- Breakfast Cookie
Sunday 6/29- Work- Egg white sandwich, orange juice
Monday 6/30- Work- Egg white burrito
Tuesday 7/1- Work- Waffle, Carnation instant breakfast


Monday 6/23- Work- Tuna sandwich, carrots/dip, FF pudding
Tuesday 6/24- Work- ½ Tuna sandwich, soup at hand, Light yogurt
Wednesday 6/25- Ham and Mac Casserole (leftovers), fruit
Thursday 6/26- Freezer Meals, fruit
Friday 6/27- Leftover soup, grilled cheese, fruit
Saturday 6/28- Work- Turkey/Ham sandwich, carrots/dip, FF pudding
Sunday 6/29- Work- Leftover beans/rice, WW tortillas, yogurt
Monday 6/30- Work- Tuna sandwich, carrots/dip, granola bar
Tuesday 7/1- Work- Leftover Enchilada bake, fruit


Monday 6/23- ShakeNBake Chicken, rice, broccoli
Tuesday 6/24- Sandwiches on fresh French bread, carrots/dip, apple slices
Wednesday 6/25- Turkey Mushroom burgers (no bun), corn on the cob, fruit
Thursday 6/26- Crockpot Potato Chowder (New recipe), bread, fruit
Friday 6/27- Crockpot Spaghetti with Meatballs, garlic breadsticks
Saturday 6/28- Red beans and rice, sausage, broccoli
Sunday 6/29- Steakum sandwiches with mushrooms, fruit, carrots/dip
Monday 6/30- Bubble Up Enchiladas (New Recipe)
Tuesday 7/1- Filet Mignon (freezer), corn on the cob, baked potatoes

Hoping to have an under $60 grocery trip this week. Last week was a stock up week and we spent $140. I'm planning on $60 a week for the next 3 weeks. Hopefully I can stick to it!

Have a great week! Stop by Laura's MPM for more menus!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Menu Plan Monday- June 16th!

It's that time again! (Well, really, it's only Sunday but I work Monday's so I post early! LoL) I LOVE Menu Planning! It seriosuly a stress reliever for me to sit down and make my list and then plan the shopping trip after that. I type it all and print it for my fridge. I love it! My hubby says I should be a Nutritionist!

Anyway, last week I decided to plan all my breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the week. I'm on Weight Watchers and it really helped to keep on plan. I actually stuck to the whole list! I'm trying it again this week though my lunches for work are getting boring! On the days I work, the breakfasts and lunches are just for me. The other days they're for me and the girls.

FYI, I shop on Wednesdays so my posts are going to overlap Mondays and Tuesday. The first M and T of the list are from last week's plan. My new ones runs Wed-Tues. Hope that makes sense!

Hop on over to Laura's for more MPM!


Monday 6/16: Work- Egg white sandwich
Tuesday 6/17: Work- Waffles, carnation instant breakfast
Wednesday 6/18: Sausage and cheese omelets, toast, fruit
Thursday 6/19: French toast, turkey sausage, fruit
Friday 6/20: Work- Waffles, carnation instant breakfast
Saturday 6/21: Out to breakfast!
Sunday 6/22: Work- Egg white sandwich
Monday 6/23: Work- Egg white burrito
Tuesday 6/24: Work- Waffles, carnation instant breakfast


Monday 6/16: Work- Tuna sandwich, pretzels, pears
Tuesday 6/17: Work- Cornbread, Soup at Hand, carrots/dip, fruit
Wednesday 6/18: Subway or McDonald’s (Dr. appt)
Thursday 6/19: Leftover Boston Market, fruit
Friday 6/20: Work- Leftover Cheddar Mac and Ham Casserole, carrots/dip, diced pears
Saturday 6/21: FF Hot dogs, chips/veggies w/ dip
Sunday 6/22: Work- Tuna sandwich, carrots/dip, pretzels
Monday 6/23: Work- Ham/Turkey sandwich, pretzels, fruit
Tuesday 6/24: Work- Tuna sandwich, carrots/dip, pretzels


Monday 6/16: Chili, rice, fruit, fat free cornbread
Tuesday 6/17: “Pizzadillas” (Turkey Pepperoni, cheese, black olives, pizza sauce in WW tortillas) Wednesday 6/18: Boston Market- Rotisserie chicken, dill potatoes, mac&cheese, cinnamon apples, corn bread
Thursday 6/19: Cheddar Mac and Ham Casserole, fruit
Friday 6/20: Spicy ShakeNBake Chicken, rice, broccoli, fruit
Saturday 6/21: Turkey/Mushroom burgers, grilled corn on the cob, fruit
Sunday 6/22: Ground turkey spaghetti, broccoli, fresh baked French bread
Monday 6/23: Sandwiches (on leftover French bread), chips/carrots w/ dip, fruit
Tuesday 6/24: Leftovers!

This obviously isn't going to be a $60 grocery week. Time to restock. Next week will be another $60 budget week.

Have a great week!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Menu Plan Monday~ June 9th

DH will be home this week so we'll actually have dinners to cook! LoL I'm still trying to keep the grocery bill under $60 a week. I need to buy formula and diapers this week so I'll really have to look at everything else to keep to budget. A lot of the meals are still coming from the pantry/freezer so that will really help!

Head to OrgJunkie for more MPMs!

Monday 6/9: Ground Turkey & Black bean burritos, Spanish rice

Tuesday 6/10: Filet Mignon, Rice, Corn on the Cob

Wednesday 6/11: Homemade pizza (turkey pepperoni, sausage, olives)

Thursday 6/12: Steak sandwiches, fruit

Friday 6/13: Bertolli frozen meal, blueberry muffins

Saturday 6/14: Jill’s (My sister) B-day BBQ. Will be making the cake for this.

Sunday 6/15: Father’s Day BBQ at my Dad's.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Menu Plan Monday- June 2nd!

This is the 2nd week of my pantry challenge! The first worked out great (see the last post to see my frugal shopping success!) and since DH is out of town pretty much this whole week, I'm going to push a bunch of meals back to next week (since it's all from the pantry/freezer). So that make 3 weeks of pantry eating. My goal is to spend less than $60 each week on groceries, including formula.

This week is just me and the girls (DH leaves Tuesday and comes home Sunday) so not many actual meals planned. DH is cooking Monday's meal since I have a dental appt, can you tell? LoL

Breakfasts: Waffles, Eggs, Turkey Sausage, Cereal, Oatmeal, Fruit, Yogurt, Carnation instant breakfast (Any combo...)

Lunch: Lots of sandwiches (ton of turkey/ham to get through before it goes bad), mac and cheese, carrots/dip, baked chips, cheese, apples, mandarin oranges

Snacks: Whole Grain goldfish, cheese and crackers, fruit, carrots/dip, granola bars


Monday 6/2: Velveeta mac & cheese, boneless buffalo wings

Tuesday 6/3: Leftovers

Wednesday 6/4: Out with Dad for Stepmom’s Birthday

Thursday 6/5: TV Dinners

Friday 6/6: Take Out (Mom’s)

Saturday 6/7: “Pizzadillas” (Turkey Pepperoni, cheese, black olives, pizza sauce in WW tortillas)

Sunday 6/8: Ground Turkey & Black bean burritos, Spanish rice

Have a wonderful week! Check out Laura's blog for other MPM's!