Monday, April 13, 2009

Finding My Way To Him!

I was raised Catholic. I went to a Catholic school from 1st-8th grade. You would think that would have cemented my faith and kept me on the path to God. But for me, I found that the Catholic church wasn't the best fit. I believe in God and Jesus but I typically don't take the Bible so literally. I found myself being drawn more towards the Christian church once I entered highschool and chose not to be confirmed as a Catholic. After highschool, I fell away from religion in general and haven't been to church much since.

Now that my girls are getting closer to school age (Hannah at least), I decided I want them to experience school the way I did. I feel that I was better off and more stable in my beliefs and values because I went to a religious school. While I ended up not staying in the same religion, I was able to make that choice myself. I think a lot of people my age follow a certain religion because their parents did. Without really being immersed in religion, they can't really make the decision themselves. So I decided to send the girls to a Christian school. Making that choice has made me realize I need to start to practice for myself. I went to my sister's Chrisitian church yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It's too far for us to go on a regular basis but the church at the school the girls will be going into is not.

So we're going to start going to church when we can. I work every other weekend but there's no reason we can't go the weekends I'm home. I also want to do something for myself and join a bible study. I plan on going to school during the day in the Fall (I go at night now) so I should be able to join a group them.

I'm very excited about my choices and can't wait to become closer to God again!


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