Monday, April 13, 2009

Menu Plan Monday~ 4/13/09!

Ok seriously...someone needs to point me in the direction of some other daily blog posts. This is the only day I've posted 3 weeks in a row...I need something to post Tuesday-Sunday!

I am SO excited about the new Mexican recipes I've made lately! We normally only have tacos made with ground turkey and a packet of taco seasoning. That gets old after a while. So a few weeks ago I made Chicken Taquitos that turned out so yummy! And this past week, I decided to try to make a different version of tacos. I finely diced about half an onion (I'm trying to include onion more since I've been trying to eat more things I didn't "like" in the past.) and sauted it with some garlic. I added 3/4 lb of ground turkey and then added this seasoning (about 1/2 of what it makes). I tasted it and it was a bit too spicy and peppery. I remembered I had some tomato sauce frozen in the freezer. I broke off a few chunks and mix it in. It turned out perfect! I then fried it in tortillas with a little cheese.

Both were so good but I don't like to fry things. So I'm going to try baking both of them next time to try and get the tortillas crispy. If that doesn't work, they'll just be a treat every once and a while!

And now on to this week!

Saturday 4/11- Steak and Mushroom Fajitas, Watermelon

Sunday 4/12- Easter at Mom's! Ham, Cheesy Potatoes, Mac and Cheese etc. I brought 2 homemade Pecan Pies (I'll post the recipe later this week when I get the link to work!).

Monday 4/13- Easter Leftovers!

Tuesday 4/14- Steak Sandwiches (cube steak, cheese, mushrooms, pizza sauce), Fruit

Wednesday 4/15- Turkey Bacon BLTs, Fruit

Thursday 4/16- Spaghetti with Meatballs, Salad

Friday 4/17- Pizza Pockets, Salad

Head on over the OrgJunkie for more weekly menus!


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