Tuesday, January 18, 2011

*~*~*7 Months Old*~*~*

Today my baby boy, Noah, turned 7 months old! His first year is just flying by! I am so thankful to have this little boy in my life. He is such a joy and the light of our lives. His sisters adore him and he is fascinated by them!

At 7 months Noah:

~Can roll both ways...across the floor!

~Is working towards pushing himself up on all 4s.

~Can scootch around (usually backwards!)

~Babbles and squeals constantly. I think his first word is right around the corner!

~Eats like a champ! He's still nursing or drinking EBM about 5 times a day. He's also eating solids (homemade by Mommy! Yay!) 3 times a day. His favorites are Sweet Potato, Avocado, Peas and Carrots. Chicken is pretty much the only thing he won't eat but that might be because I didn't puree it well!

~Sleeps from 7pm to 5am. Then he nurses in bed with Mommy and goes back to sleep until 8 or 9a! He also take two 2-2 1/2 hour naps during the day. He's a great sleeper (A first for us!) and prefers to be laid down in his crib awake with his Sound/Light Projector, binky, Jedi dog and StarWars bear so he can fall asleep on his own. Such a blessing!

~Loves his jumperoo and any toy he can stick in his mouth!

~Wears 6-9 month clothes but will be outgrowing them soon. He's wearing size 3 diapers and will be for a while still.

~Loves showers and baths...but hates getting out!

Noah Gryphon~ 7 Months

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