Thursday, August 26, 2010

Prepping for School Lunches

Mrs. Q over at Fed Up With Lunch: The School Lunch Project is hosting a Back to School blog party and I thought it'd be a great time for me to blog about what we're doing this year!

Hannah will be starting Junior Kindergarten in a week and a half. Lunch will no longer be provided and I've been prepping to start packing her lunches. Last year I started reading bento blogs and decided that I want to pack her lunch instead of buying most of the time. I also want to pack green lunches to save one waste and money.

We're lucky enough to send Hannah to a private school but that also means there's not a lot of extra money for her to buy lunch at school. I remember being excited about buying lunch when I was in elementary school and I think my parents let us buy once a week or so. We just received September's hot lunch menu and honestly, Hannah won't eat most of it. Or she'd eat one of the items but not the others. It's really not worth the $4 a day. However, I do remember how "cool" it was to buy lunch so I'll probably let her get it twice a month or so. (She does love pizza!) They're also not the healthiest options (though not as bad as other schools I've seen!) so packing enables me to control what she eats.

She's also really excited to bring her lunch to school. She's been looking at the blogs with me and seeing the fun lunches other mom's packed last year. (Check out Another Lunch and What's for Lunch at Our House to see what I mean!) And between Facebook Giveaways from Green My Lunchbox and the Dollar Spot at Target, we've gotten some really great waste-free lunch items that Hannah's excited to bring to school.

(Left to Right: Water bottles and dip container, Sandwich boxes, veggie/dip box, Lunchskins bags, Goodbyn lunchbox, snack containers, Lunchpunch sandwich cutters)

I'm hoping she'll be willing to try some new things with all her fun containers and such because she can be pretty picky. I've also been practicing using Fondant cutters to cut out veggie and cheese shapes. :)

Check back to see some of Hannah's great, healthy, waste-free lunches this year!


Mrs. Q said...

Thanks for participating! Cool lunch gear you've got there. It's also great that your daughter can go to a good school. Sometimes the good ones are public and sometimes the good ones are private, it varies by neighborhood and individual school.

Bar 7 Ranch said...

I love seeing all your lunch gear!