Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mammoth Trip~ August 2010

My family has been going to Mammoth for vacation since I was 5. That's 21 years of wonderful memories! My parents even owned a condo up there for a while and we went multiple times a month in the summers. My siblings and I brought our friends and we went hiking and fishing and just relaxed in the beautiful mountains.

Now it's my turn to help create a second home for my kids. We've gone a handful of times since Hannah was about 2. We try to go with my family for a week in the winter and again in the summer. Noah's first trip was this past week. It was a bit hard to relax with all 3 kids but it was still Mammoth! :)

The girls loved fishing (and so did Daddy!) but Hannah loved splashing in the her jeans...even more!

We had a great time but are definately glad to be home! It's nice being able to do laundry every day again. (Never thought I'd say that!)

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