Thursday, August 5, 2010

Alphabet Art Alley!

The girls have been bored lately (and driving us nuts!) so I decided to start doing daily crafts with them again. My friend, Elizabeth, has a blog post called Tot School that has different learning activities she does with her three boys. Our first two projects were totally stolen from her blog. (Thanks E! LoL) She got the ideas from a great website called No Time for Flashcards. They have great activities and crafts for letters of the alphabet.

Here is our A for Alligator: (Avery's is in her room and she's napping for once so no pic!)


She insisted on a red alligator...and adding rhinestones...and that the teeth didn't go on the inside of the A. Who am I to interfere with her creativity?? LoL

Today we did B for Buzzy Bee!

Hannah's is on the left, Avery's on the right.

Check back for more Alphabet Art Alley!

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