Sunday, July 20, 2008

Menu Plan Monday~ July 21st!

I can't believe July is coming to a close soon! This year is flying by! I'm already planning A-babe's first birthday... :(

I realized I haven't been blogging much (considering my last post was last week's MPM!) and my goal for August is to post one blog a day. And a picture every day as well! Anyone have any favorite memes they'd recommend I try?

Now onto the MPM!

Last week's menu went pretty well! The homemade tortillas (I'll find the recipe and post later.) turned out pretty well! They were fun (and cheap!) to make too! The only problem was the Weight Watchers points (2 each). Normally I use low carb 1pt tortillas. I'll make them again though!

I was also able to keep my grocery shopping to $60 for the week! It's definately feasible and I'm going to try and stick to it!

Homemade Hamburger Buns are on tomorrows menu. I'm hoping I can make them in the morning because we're going to my sister's in the afternoon to visit since she had surgery Friday. That way all we have to do is grill up the turkey burgers when we get home.

This week's menu is a bit off because DH is gone Tuesday-Monday so it's just me and the girls. I'm also getting my wisdom teeth out Friday so we're staying at my mom's Thurs-Sun (so I can have help with the girls and because she's watching them when I work Sunday). Meals are up in the air those days since I'm not sure what I can eat!

As always, my plans overlap because I shop on Wednesdays.


Monday 7/21- Whole wheat pancakes, fruit, turkey sausage
Tuesday 7/22- Work- Waffle, Carnation Instant Breakfast
Wednesday 7/23-
Thursday 7/24- Whole wheat pancakes, fruit, turkey sausage
Friday 7/25- Starbucks breakfast sandwich and coffee! Kids at Nana’s!
Saturday 7/26- No idea…depends on how I’m feeling.
Sunday 7/27- Work- Waffle, Carnation instant breakfast
Monday 7/28- Work- Egg white burrito
Tuesday 7/29- Work- Egg white burrito


Monday 7/21- Grilled cheese, soup, carrots/dip, fruit
Tuesday 7/22- Work- Tuna sandwich, carrots/dip, pears
Wednesday 7/23- Mac & cheese, carrots/dip, fruit
Thursday 7/24- Out to eat at the mall.
Friday 7/25- Kid’s at Nana’s! Nothing for me. Getting my wisdom teeth out! L
Saturday 7/26- Depends on the teeth!
Sunday 7/27- Work- Boston Market
Monday 7/28- Work- Lean Cuisine, carrots/dip, pears
Tuesday 7/29- Work- Leftovers


Monday 7/21- Hamburgers (with homemade buns), corn on the cob, oven fries
Tuesday 7/22- Sandwiches, chips, fruit (DH out of town)
Wednesday 7/23- Pizza!
Thursday 7/24- At Nana’s!
Friday 7/25- No idea…probably soup!
Saturday 7/26- At Nana’s!
Sunday 7/27- Breakfast for dinner! (Eggs, pancakes, turkey bacon)
Monday 7/28- Easiest Chicken and Biscuits (New recipe!)
Tuesday 7/29- Cheese Manicotti, bread, broccoli

Check out Laura's blog for more fantastic menus!


Linda said...

Thanks for posting the homemade hamburger buns. I am going to try it. We are having hamburger too. Great menu.

Elizabeth said...

Your menu always sounds so yummy. I'll have to try the buns too :) Btw, check my blog... you've been tagged!