Monday, June 30, 2008

Menu Plan Monday~ June 30th!

A little late but it's here! :) Hopefully I can stick to the breakfasts/lunches this time. Have a great 4th of July everyone!


Tuesday 7/1- Work- Waffle, Carnation Instant Breakfast
Wednesday 7/2- Scrambled eggs with ham and cheese, toast
Thursday 7/3- Whole wheat pancakes (need to find a good recipe), fruit
Friday 7/4- Work- Egg white sandwich, orange juice
Saturday 7/5- Eggs, turkey bacon, biscuits/gravy
Sunday 7/6- Whatever sounds good!
Monday 7/7- Work- Egg white burrito
Tuesday 7/8- Work- Waffle, Carnation instant breakfast


Tuesday 7/1- Work- Potato soup, cornbread, watermelon
Wednesday 7/2- ?? I have a job interview at 11!
Thursday 7/3- Something while we’re out at a well child visit.
Friday 7/4- Work- Tuna sandwich, carrots/dip, FF pudding
Saturday 7/5- Leftovers
Sunday 7/6- ???
Monday 7/7- Work- Tuna sandwich, carrots/dip, fruit
Tuesday 7/8- Work- Leftovers


Tuesday 7/1- Filet Mignon, corn on the cob, baked potatoes
Wednesday 7/2- Bubbleup Enchiladas (didn’t make last week)
Thursday 7/3- Leftover
Friday 7/4- BBQ chicken, ribs, corn on the cob, homemade chips
Saturday 7/5- Out to Dinner
Sunday 7/6- Homemade pizza
Monday 7/7- Ham, stuffing, broccoli
Tuesday 7/8- Hot dogs, corn on the cob, oven fries (need a good recipe!)


list mama said...

Very nice plan! Good luck at your job interview tomorrow!!


Stacy & Brian said...

Stephani - Here are a couple of websites with good oven fry recipes. I tried the sweet potato fries last week and they were REALLY GOOD! Thanks for sharing your menu!