Monday, June 23, 2008

Menu Plan Monday- June 23rd!

Last week wasn't the most successful planning week. We pretty much stuck to the dinners but kept moving them around. We also went out one night while my sister had a sleepover with our oldest. Much easier to take just the baby out! Anyway, I spent a bit more time planning breakfasts and lunches for this week because I ended up not really sticking to those this week.

I'm also trying some new recipes this week. Hopefully they turn out ok!


Monday 6/23- Work- Bagelful, Carnation Instant Breakfast
Tuesday 6/24- Work- Waffle, Carnation Instant Breakfast
Wednesday 6/25- Scrambled eggs with ham and cheese, apple slices
Thursday 6/26- Breakfast Cookies (New recipe)
Friday 6/27- Over easy eggs, toast, turkey sausage
Saturday 6/28- Work- Breakfast Cookie
Sunday 6/29- Work- Egg white sandwich, orange juice
Monday 6/30- Work- Egg white burrito
Tuesday 7/1- Work- Waffle, Carnation instant breakfast


Monday 6/23- Work- Tuna sandwich, carrots/dip, FF pudding
Tuesday 6/24- Work- ½ Tuna sandwich, soup at hand, Light yogurt
Wednesday 6/25- Ham and Mac Casserole (leftovers), fruit
Thursday 6/26- Freezer Meals, fruit
Friday 6/27- Leftover soup, grilled cheese, fruit
Saturday 6/28- Work- Turkey/Ham sandwich, carrots/dip, FF pudding
Sunday 6/29- Work- Leftover beans/rice, WW tortillas, yogurt
Monday 6/30- Work- Tuna sandwich, carrots/dip, granola bar
Tuesday 7/1- Work- Leftover Enchilada bake, fruit


Monday 6/23- ShakeNBake Chicken, rice, broccoli
Tuesday 6/24- Sandwiches on fresh French bread, carrots/dip, apple slices
Wednesday 6/25- Turkey Mushroom burgers (no bun), corn on the cob, fruit
Thursday 6/26- Crockpot Potato Chowder (New recipe), bread, fruit
Friday 6/27- Crockpot Spaghetti with Meatballs, garlic breadsticks
Saturday 6/28- Red beans and rice, sausage, broccoli
Sunday 6/29- Steakum sandwiches with mushrooms, fruit, carrots/dip
Monday 6/30- Bubble Up Enchiladas (New Recipe)
Tuesday 7/1- Filet Mignon (freezer), corn on the cob, baked potatoes

Hoping to have an under $60 grocery trip this week. Last week was a stock up week and we spent $140. I'm planning on $60 a week for the next 3 weeks. Hopefully I can stick to it!

Have a great week! Stop by Laura's MPM for more menus!

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Phoebe said...

Thank you so much for your ideas! I will have to try the cookies sometime this week...and the waffles too (my husband got me a waffle maker 2 yrs ago..and it has barely seen light!).