Thursday, July 29, 2010

Recipe: Turkey Tacos

A few years ago when I wasn't working, I started getting really into trying new recipes. Before that our meals pretty much consisted of baked chicken (Shake N Bake or Marinaded), white rice and bread...not healthy and not very interesting. When I started looking for recipes and making them frequently, I realized I was pretty good at picking recipes that we would like or that I could tweak to meet our tastes. There have been very few recipe failures. Now I have some great go-to recipes in my recipe binder! (Though it's time to look for some new ones!)

My favorite find was for Taco Seasoning. I wasn't too fond of the taco seasoning packets we always used and I thought we could make our own with spices we had instead. So I found this recipe: Taco Seasoning 1. I found that it was too spicy while I was cooking it the first time and added some Tomato Sauce. I'm still not sure what made me think of that since I'd never used it except in chili. I now have a ton on hand at all times! It made this recipe perfect! (Still spicy though! Just warning ya!)

Turkey Tacos
1 1/4 lb Ground Turkey (You could use beef if you prefer.)
Taco Seasoning 1 (I use the entire amount made in the recipe above.)
Tomato Sauce (About 1/2 cup...pretty much just to your taste)
1 Onion diced
Minced Garlic

1. Saute the minced garlic and onions in olive oil until soft.
2. Add ground turkey. Cook until browned thoroughly.
3. Add Taco Seasoning and Tomato Sauce. Simmer or about 10 min. Add extra tomato sauce or a bit of water if too dry.

Serve in anyway you like your Taco Meat! We originally added a scoop in a white corn tortilla with a small amount of cheese and the pan fried until crisp. They are AMAZING that way but obviously not very good for you. We now switched to just having the meat in a heated white corn tortilla with a bit of cheese and some sour cream (or salsa for the hubby). The meat is so flavorful that it still tastes awesome!

Simple but so good! And it freezes well. I made 3 batches for the freezer before we had the baby and it was so fast to thaw one over night and just microwave when we were ready for dinner.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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