Sunday, July 18, 2010

*~*~*1 Month Old!!*~*~*

Our little boy is 1 month old today!

Time is flying by and I'm trying to enjoy every second. Noah might be our last baby and I don't want to miss anything! He's doing great and sleeping longer periods at night (and wreaking havoc on my milk supply!). The Newborn clothes are getting packed away since he's gotten so tall already!

I'm so in love with my little guy!


Elizabeth said...

I know I say this after every picture you text me but AWWWWWW!! Look at how cute he is!!

You make beautiful babies!!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Happy 1 month, Noah!!!

Debby said...

I am stopping by from Deal-licious Debby. I have two kids and so badly want a third. Your's is soooo sweet. Enjoy these days with your little one.

Kelly Polizzi said...

aww he really is adorable! My boy is five months now. I love the little wrist toys.