Monday, September 29, 2008

Menu Plan Monday~ 9/29/08~

This is a really blah menu plan this week! LoL DH is out of town and we're joining him in Atlanta on Saturday. So I have less than a week to get the girls and I packed for the trip. I've been on airplanes plenty of times but never with the kids especially by myself! We're taking a midnight flight and I'm so hoping they'll sleep! If not, I'm going to have a problem with A-babe. Hannah I can distract easily (bought some new cheap toys for the trip) but I'm concerned about how to keep a 1 year old occupied for 4 hours...Any tips?

Today is also Avery's 1st birthday! We're doing a fun recipe tonight just to do something special since her party was last weekend.

There won't be a menu plan next week because we're in Atlanta from Saturday-Saturday. No cooking for me! I'm trying not to have to go grocery shopping this week so nothing will go bad but I probably have to get a few things.

Monday 9/29: Mummy Dogs, Mac & Cheese, Carrots/Dip (Probably get cupcakes for dessert.)
Tuesday 9/30: Frozen Pizza, Fruit, Carrots/Dip
Wednesday 10/1: Leftovers/Clean Out the Fridge!
Thursday 10/1: At Nana's
Friday 10/2: Takeout on way home from Nana's
Saturday 10/3: More leftovers (if any left) or takeout before we leave for Airport!

Have a great week everyone!


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Briana @ Bargain Briana said...

The Mummy Dogs are too cute!!