Monday, September 8, 2008

Menu Plan Monday~ 09/08/08

It's just me and the girls for the next 10 days while DH is on a work trip. I'm also getting a little break Tuesday and Wednesday since I have class at night. The girls will be staying at Nana's house! :) The menu is super simple since I don't want to make a lot for me and the girls. We're also staying at my mom's this weekend so I'm cooking a meal there.

Monday 9/8: Grilled Cheese, Top Ramen with Egg
Tuesday 9/9: Subway for me!
Wednesday 9/10: Panera for me!
Thursday 9/11: "Pizzadillas", Mac & Cheese, Chip/Carrots with Dip
Friday 9/12: Swedish Meatballs, Mashed Potatoes, Corn
Saturday 9/13: Takeout at Mom's
Sunday 9/14: Breakfast for Dinner (Waffles, Eggs, Turkey Sausage)

Head to Laura's for more menu plans!

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Elizabeth said...

THANKS for the recipe! Yum!!!

The background is one of the free ones at If you find one there you like (the prettiest ones are under the scrapbooking link on the right after you click free backgrounds, IMO), I can put a header and signature together for you :) I gave up trying to make my own backgrounds because these ones are ALL so cute!!