Thursday, August 21, 2008

Weekly Cleaning List

Anyone who knows Jason and I, knows that cleaning has never been a strong point for us. We're both pack rats and tend to have a lot of clutter. In the past year or so, I've started getting really irritated with junk and having stuff lying around. I've gotten pretty good at de-cluttering and have started getting rid of a lot of stuff. Most of the time the house is pretty neat though very lived in. (I'm not sure what else to expect with two little girls who can't really clean up after themselves!) However, while I'm being good about getting toys up off the floor before bedtime and stuff, major cleaning tasks get overlooked (bathrooms, mopping etc). I'm working PT and going back to school and I just get overwhelmed with all of the stuff I have to do.

Jason admits he just doesn't know how to clean. He sees the living room a mess or a sink of dished and for some reason, the thought that he should clean it just doesn't occur to him. That means I get left to either do it myself or nag him constantly. That obviously does not create a very happy husband and wife team!

So I've decided to impliment a Weekly Cleaning List. Both Jason and I have assigned jobs each day. The amount of work decided by who has what else scheduled that day (i.e. I go to school Tues and Wed nights so Jason gets the kitchen those days.). I still handle a heavier load but I'm home more days of the week. Other "big chores" (cleaning out the garage, major yardwork etc) will be added on a weekly basis. And if for some reason one of the chores can't be done, something else has to be done in it's place. For example, I was out of gas for the lawn mower this morning so I did a major cleaning of the dog area in the backyard instead.

Here is my Weekly Cleaning List: (Please let me know if you see something not on there that probably should be!)

Weekly Cleaning Schedule

S- Kitchen, Vacuum
J- P/U Computer room

S- Laundry, bathrooms, trash, vacuum
J- Kitchen, cat litter, trash

S- Grocery shopping, laundry, kids' rooms, vacuum upstairs
J- Kitchen, vacuum

S- Kitchen, sweep, mow lawn
J- Vacuum

S- Kitchen, Master bedroom
J- Master Bedroom

S- Dust, Clean Glass, Vacuum
J- Kitchen, laundry

S- Kitchen, sweep/mop
J- Vacuum upstairs

Every Night
De-clutter: Pick up trash, toys, clothes, shoes etc and put in proper places.

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Kylee said...

very good idea! i think i'm going to start something like this too. let me know how it works for you!