Thursday, August 28, 2008

Art Project of the Day~8/27/08

I decided I'm going to try and do a new art project with Hannah (and Avery once she's old enough) at least once, hopefully twice a week. I'll post the project and pictures here on my blog! We don't do enough together (they normally play on their own) and now that I have a cleaning schedule down (I'll post that later!) I have a lot more time to spend with them!

So here's today's project: Lunch Bag Puppets!

Hannah's making a dog:

I'm making a cat:

I'll update with pics once we're done!


Kylee said...

thanks for the inspiration! we really need to do stuff like this too.

Emily @ Little Home said...

Hey Stephani,
I finally got around to posting some stuff about myself, so I guess than means I finally played along somehwat with being tagged! Sorry it took me so long!