Wednesday, May 28, 2008

First Time at Frugal Shopping!

I decided (out of neccessity due to budget) to eat mainly from the pantry for the next two weeks. For the first time I went to 2 seperate stores to do my shopping based on the prices/deals. I had to pick up a prescription for DH but that's a seperate budget so that isn't calculated into my food budget. I orginally had 10 items on my list but I added a few because of deals and coupons. Here's a break down of my shopping: (c)= coupon Prices are before coupons.

Apple Juice- $2.50
Envelopes- $0.94
Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage- $2.14
Pizza dough (c)- $1.24
Bread dough (c)- $1.24
Formula- $25.56
Total: $32.62
Coupon- -$0.50
Grand Total: $32.20

Gerber puffs (c)- $2.20
Gerber mini fruits (c)- $2.75
Gerber meal (c)- $2.25
Kraft Mac&cheese 5pk (c)- $3.99
Storebrand soda x2 (c)- $1.00
Kraft singles- $3.50
Dz Eggs (c)- $2.39
2 gal Milk- $5.39
Sandwich kit (c)- $2.50
Lunchables x3 (c)- $1.66 each
Bananas- $1.11
Mandarin oranges- $2.50
Total: $52.89
Coupons- -$10.38
Club card savings- $12.04
Grand Total: $30.46

Vons was doing Double Coupons (do they always?) so I got some great deals. The sandwich kit ended up only costing me $0.50!

So my total spent for the week was $62.66! I normally spend about $150. And I took out the cost of the formula because I have no control over having to buy that one (LoL) and my "grocery" bill was only $38.10.

Hopefully I can keep this up!

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