Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cloth Diapering Momma!

I toyed with the idea of cloth diapering when Noah was born (almost 2 years ago!) but couldn't get Jason on board. As soon as we found out we were pregnant again, I decided we were going for it this time. I feel awful about all of disposables we have tossed in the the landfill (and I'm sure Hannah's are still there!) with 3 kids. Add the fact that we're going to have a tight budget after the baby arrives AND the fact that Noah is still in diapers and Avery wears pull-ups to bed, cloth diapering is a smart financial choice for us.

I've been stalking the Cloth Diapering board on Baby Center and have started a Newborn stash for when the baby arrives. The start up costs are a bit much but over time we'll save money. Plus good condition diapers have a decent resale value. Since this is our last baby, I plan on selling everything once the baby is out of diapers.

I've decided to go with a mix of different types of diapers. Prefolds and covers seem to be the go-to for most mom's CDing a newborn. So I got some of those. I also figured some All In Ones (like a washable disposable...no need for inserts etc) would be easier for Jason get used to and will be better for middle of the night, half asleep changes!

This is what we've bought so far:

(Flip cover, BumGenius AIO, GroVia Newborn AIO, Swaddlebees Simplex Newborn AIO)

(3 Thirsties Duo Covers, Swaddlebee Capri Giraffe Cover)

(3- Blueberry Econappi Pockets)

(Inserts, Green Mountain Diaper Prefolds/Workhorse Fitteds, Cloth Wipes, Fleece Liners)

I'm so excited to see all of these on the little Sweet Pea's tushie! :)

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