Saturday, August 27, 2011

Making Our House A Home...

We bought our first house almost 2 years ago. It was a new build home so everything was white and we just left it that way. For Mother's Day I decided I really wanted to paint our Master Bedroom. I felt like we hadn't made this into "our" place yet. Our room is always the last thing to be worked on and I thought that should change. We painted it a pale grey-blue and I love it! We haven't been able to buy the accessories and headboard I want yet but it's much more welcoming.

We've started planning how we want to add personal touches to our downstairs great room. I picked a paint color for the 2 main walls.

It's a bit bright but I think it will work with out dark wood furniture. The rest of the walls will get a new coat of white to cover all the finger prints!

We've also been wanting a new (larger) dining table for a long time. Noah will be outgrowing his highchair before we know it and ours only seats 5. A new table isn't exactly in the budget but thanks to my new addiction to Pinterest, I'm feeling creative and crafty. So Jay and I have decided to try building one plus a bench seat (maybe with storage underneath?). We'll buy chairs though...that's a bit out of our ability! Probably unfinished ones though so we can stain them the same color as the table. I'm thinking something like this but stained all a dark brown (no white):

We also plan on pulling up the carpet downstairs and putting in laminate. We learned the hard way that getting the cheapest quality carpet/padding when building a home isn't smart. We cleaned our beige carpet with our carpet cleaner and the blue color from the padding bled through. We now have blue spots everywhere! :(

I'll post photo updates as we get things done! I'm also going to be making some holiday/home decor from ideas I've gotten on Pinterest!

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