Sunday, March 29, 2009

Menu Plan Monday~ 3/30/09

Can you believe it's almost April?!? This year is flying by...I'm thankful for the warmer weather though! Time to break out the grill this week. We've been really light on the veggies lately so I'm trying to make the effort to include more. We're going to start trying for baby #3 in a few weeks and I need to focus on eating healthy (and hopefully losing a few more pounds before I actually get pregnant!). So I'm going to really start looking at what we're eating and keep the junk out of the house!

Saturday 3/28: BLTs, Fruit, Popcorn (Movie Night!)
Sunday 3/29: BBQ Chicken, Baked Beans, Corn
Monday 3/30: Turkey Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes/Gravy, Green Beans
Tuesday 3/31: Eggs, Turkey Bacon, Biscuits/Gravy
Wednesday 4/1: Ham, Stuffing, Asparagus
Thursday 4/2: Broccoli/Cheese Soup, Bread, Salad
Friday 4/3: Frozen Pizza, Velveeta, Fruit

DH has been really into Broccoli Cheese soup lately so I decided to try and make it at home for him. I tried a Potato soup recipe a few month back and it turned out awesome (we've had it many times since!). So I went to the same website (RecipeZaar) to get the new recipe. It has 5 stars with 100 reviews so I'm hoping it's good! I'll post the recipe once we try it!

I could use some help with quick "Movie Night" dinners. I typically grocery shop Saturdays and I work every other weekend (so I shop on the way home). We do "Movie Night" every Saturday so I like to make something fast and simple (sandwiches etc). I want to limit ordering pizza or whatever to once a month. Does anyone have any fun ideas for "Movie Night" dinners? BTW, I bought DH a popcorn machine for Christmas so we have to save room for theater style popcorn! LoL

Head on over to OrgJunkie for more menus!



Elizabeth said...

Our favorite quick, last second meal here are quesadillas :) I like to use a little nacho cheese from the can and shredded chicken (leftover from something usually), press them together and just stick them directly on my burner.

Also, with summer coming now, the easy summer foods are back on sale! You can make tuna or potato salad ahead of time and grab bowls of that for dinner.

Ooooh or loaded nachos since it's a fun movie night. Again, the can of nacho cheese (I LOVE that stuff) and have hamburger browned ahead of time. Refried beans. The works :)

Elizabeth said...

About your comment: We're going to start the same thing now. It sounds like fun and can replace our kids eat free nights at a restaurant. Plus with Netflix, we don't have to pay the rental fees elsewhere! :)

What are some of your favorite movies to watch as a family? We just watched Bolt this week and Zack loved it :)