Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Menu Plan Monday-ish~ 3/5/13

Ok so it's Menu Plan Tuesday...My days kind of run together around here. :) But technically the menu was done on Friday so I'm ahead of the game right?

I decided to revamp our eating this week. I've fallen off the WW wagon, the kids are eating the same things (crappy junk too!) over and over when I'm working and our 2 year old eats nothing but carbs. So I made a list of breakfast, lunches and snacks to go with the dinner plan and am really focusing on getting everyone eating healthier. I also picked some new things for Crockpot meals on the nights our babysitter is here. Go figure the boys are sick today so I'm not working but the Crockpot meal will really help make it easier with sickos!

Most of our grocery trips lately have consisted of a TON of processed, prepackaged junk lately. This week I spent a huge portion on produce. I'm eating salads again, Noah's actually eating some fruit and veggies for once (Not letting him snack on carbs all day makes him hungrier at meals and more willing to try. Who would've thought? Duh.) and I've even been making green smoothies for the kids with spinach in them! Those were a HUGE hit with all 3 big kids. They want them every morning for breakfast with different fruits each time.

Breakfasts: Smoothies, cereal (I'm making this less frequent...), whole wheat bagels with cream cheese, scrambled eggs with turkey sausage, oatmeal, egg white burritos (for me)

Lunches: "Lunchables" (Turkey, Crackers and String Cheese), PB & J, Leftovers, Mini burgers (Smart Ones...I'm ok will Noah having half of once since it's the only meat I've gotten him to eat this week!), Turkey or Tuna Sandwiches, English Muffin Pizzas (All with fruit and veggies.)

Snacks: Crackers/Cheese, Fruit, Carrots/Dip, Raisins, "Squeezie" baby food pouches for Noah (These are so expensive but at least I know he is getting some fruit/veg every day!), rice cakes


Sunday 3/3: Salmon, Mashed Potatoes, Broccoli (First time making salmon at home. I was at work but Jason made it and the girls LOVED it! I'm going to start picking different kinds of fish for the weekends instead of Tilapia all the time.)

Monday 3/4- Turkey Tacos, Salad

Tuesday 3/5: Sitter Night (Until kids got sick!): Homemade Spaghetti and Turkey Meatballs, Salad (This is one of my favorite changes we've made over the past year or so. It is SO easy to use crushed tomatoes/tomato sauce and add all the spices instead of buying Prego. It tastes way better too. I'm hoping to buy a tomato plant and can my own. Scratch made meatballs taste so much better too!)

Wednesday 3/5: Laughing Cow Chicken Cordon Bleu, Rice, Green Beans

Thursday 3/6: Sitter Night: Breakfast for Dinner: Egg, Waffles, Turkey Sausage

Friday 3/7: Sitter Night: Crockpot BBQ Chicken, Rice, Corn

I'm looking for more kid-friendly, healthy, Crockpot meals for the nights I work. Feel free to post your faves in the comments!

Head over to OrgJunkie for more menu plans!

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Jean @sonotorganized.com said...

I was late with my menu plan this week as well :) I make roast in the crockpot that we turn into bbq sandwiches quite often and both my boys really like those. I don't seem to have very much luck with any type of chicken in there though.