Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Christmas Challenge~ Starting Weigh In

My weigh in day is on Wednesday. So even though I started tracking points again yesterday, today is my first official day. I'm up 4lbs total from my lowest weight in August. Hoping I'll see a change next week!

Starting: 265 (Right after having Noah 16 months ago.)
Current: 226
Change: +4 since August 2011.
Total: -39
Left until Christmas Goal: 11
Left until Ultimate Goal: 51

Today's Tracker:

B: 2 Egg White burritos on low carb tortillas- 7pts
Coffee with splenda and Creamer- 1pt

L: Leftover Mummy Dog, Apple- 11pts

S: ??

D: Tuna/Cheese pita, Carrots with FF dip, Apple, SF Jello- 7pts

S: ??

Total: 26/38 so far

1 comment:

Aly said...

You can do it Steph! If you ever want a walking partner text me. Xoxo